The Fund “Dušan Kešelj”

The humanitarian fund “Dušan Kešelj” was registered at the Provincial Secretariat for Education and Culture in Novi Sad at the end of June 2008 and its seat is at the Primary school “Miroslav Antić” in Futog at the address no.2, Rade Končara Street.

The main aims of the Fund are facilitating students’ accomplishments, encouraging students to acquire new knowledge, and developing healthy competitive spirit among students.

The humanitarian fund “DUŠAN KEŠELJ” has been established by Dušan’s mother, Mrs Snežana Kešelj, as a sign of a commemoration of her son who lost his life tragically in a traffic accident in Novi Sad on 25th February, 2008. Dušan Kešelj was born on 24th October, 1980 in Novi Sad. He was an excellent student of the Primary school “Miroslav Antić” and further on an excellent student of the Mathematics stream of the Gymnasium “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj”.

His extraordinary intelligence was confirmed by MENSA tests as well as on competitions. During his primary and high school education he was very successful and won awards at different competitions in Mathematics, Physics and Information technology science. He successfully completed the studies of Information technology at the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad, and at the time of his tragic death he was a postgraduate student at this Faculty. He worked for the companies “Levi 9 Global Sourcing” in Novi Sad, “IT Excellence” in Belgrade, “Intens” in Novi Sad and “Reach Everywhere” from New York.

As a remembrance of his great humanity, extraordinary intelligence, wholeheartedness, and unbelievable energy, the Fund bearing his name has been established in order to guide students towards positive values.

The Fund has an aim to allocate a monetary award to a student of the eighth grade of the Primary school “Miroslav Antić” who has achieved the best results in Mathematics (or Physics or Information technology science) in the course of the primary education. The managing board of the Fund has expanded its activity to the Gymnasium “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” in Novi Sad, where at the end of each school year a certificate and a monetary award will be allocated to the best student of the fourth grade who has achieved the best results in Information technology science during the education, as a sign of appreciation for the achieved results and stimulation for further studying and development.

This year, the award from the Fund “Dušan Kešelj” was given to the student of the final grade of our Gymnasium – Bojan Bosanac, and the award delivery was attended by Dušan’s mother, Mrs Snežana Kešelj and Dušan’s girlfriend Dragana Belobrk.

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